Daniel Barrington



Annoying Superpowers

A short film I wrote and directed about a guy who gets the ability to teleport. However he is unable to control this new power, which acts on his urges and ends up getting him into a few sticky situations!


  • Clock and Date

    JS / CSS clock inspire by HTC's Android Clock widget.

  • Mirror Bookmarklet

    Bookmarklet that will let you mirror any webpage. Built to turn your smartphone or laptop into a HUD for your car by placing it on our your dashboard facing up toward the wind shield. The screen is then mirrored on the wind shield allowing you to see the road and the screen at the same time.

  • Interplanetary Rock Paper Scissors

    Work in progress game built with jQuery. The idea is a fast paced multiplayer game where you use text to issue lots of command quickly.

  • Workout Timer

    A quick workout timer to get your blood circulating during long coding sessions! Based on the Tabata regimen where you do 20 second bursts of squats, push ups or sit ups followed by 10 seconds of rest for 4 minutes total. Sounds easy but try to do as many as possible!

  • Water Meter

    Satirical water meter which won me the prize for best costume at a Halloween party!

  • Cube

    Virtual puzzle cube built to hone my Unity 3D skills. Git Hub repo

  • SubScreens

    Search TV show screen captures by subtitle text.

  • tic tac toe

    Simple tic tac toe game made with JavaScript, HTML and CSS